PokerStars Fighting the bots, Players should record the games.

“However, we require a video recording of you playing. This recording has a few mandatory requirements: – At the beginning of the recording, we must be able to clearly see your face in order to confirm your identity – Before starting to play, you must rotate your camera 360 degrees to show us all of […]


Embrace the fold in omaha poker

Here’s the one thing you need to know about making big laydowns in Omaha. There is no such thing as a big laydown in Omaha.


Omaha Tip: Play cards that work together

Rio WSOP will be bringing you a series of tips for the Omaha beginner, although the intermediate player will glean a few good ones from this as well. You know, Omaha?


Omaha High Low Tournament Tips

If you are going to learn Omaha High Low, chances are you will end up playing in an Omaha 8 tournament eventually. There are some key differences to playing in an Omaha 8 cash game and tournament.


How To Play Omaha High Low

In the game of Omaha High Low, there are normally two winners every hand. The player with the best five card hand wins the high hand and half of the pot. The player with the lowest five card hand wins the low hand and the other half of the pot.


Omaha High Low Poker History

Most people believe that because Omaha High Low bears the name Omaha in it that it’s history starts in the city of Omaha, Nebraska. However, this is not where Omaha Eight Or Better started.


Common Omaha High Low Mistakes

The following are common mistakes that often take place when playing Omaha High Low. many players lack patience, especially in a game like Omaha 8


Omaha vs. Texas holdem differences

Omaha high/low is also a holdem poker game like Texas holdem poker but both are not of necessity the same. There is a lot of dissimilarity when we contrast Omaha vs Texas holdem poker games.


The major poker tips for Omaha high/low poker games

The major poker tips for Omaha high/low poker games with orientation to middle poker players would be to think on the betting agreement.  Beginner players need to decide on whether to play an exacting poker hand or not in Omaha high/low and they need to initially think on skills rather than money.


Myths of Omaha Holdem

Of the many Omaha holdem myths the essential legend linked with Omaha holdem poker is that anybody who can play Texas holdem poker can play Omaha holdem convincingly.

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