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ace-to-five, ace-to-six

Ace to five and ace to six are terms used to suggest that flushes and straights don’t count if the game is being played for low. Since the straights and flushes can’t count, it means that the ace can be played as a low card. (more…)


This poker term means almost the same thing with the term “action.” It stands for tell a player that it’s time for them to act. To carry out an act when it is your time to do that. (more…)


The first meaning of action means raises and bets. Assuming there is a 3rd heart and it hits the board with a lot of action, this could be seen as a player making a flush. (more…)

action button

An action button in poker games is a marker that is like a kill button. This button is what a player invokes to force an extra bet. In a play like the 7-card stud high-low game, an action button is given to the person who wins a scoop pot that is more than a given size. (more…)

action card

An action card can be described as a card which helps a group of poker players otherwise called a group card. This can lead to a situation where the game generates a lot of raisings and bettings. (more…)

active player

When playing poker, there are some players that remain more active than the rest. In some instances, a player who is still in the pot or a player with a lot in hand is called an active player. (more…)


An advert in poker is meant to be a situation where a player reveals a hand with mediocre cards which is a vague impression given to other players that your game is a little loose. (more…)

aggressive, aggression

When there is a high amount of raises and re-raises, a game of poker turns out to be one that is full of activity. It means the playing style on that table is fraught with frequent actions by the players. Therefore, for as many of the players as are involved in the high frequency, action characterized game; they can all be referred to as “aggressive” players while their actions can be termed as acts of “aggression.” Aggressive players often raises and re-raises with less calls.

The styles of play also differ because an aggressive play is not the same with a loose play. A lot of experienced poker players are very selective regarding the poker cards dealt to them. These types of players are usually the ones that turn aggressive the moment they become engaged in a hand. From the above details, it can be said that an aggressive poker table is the type that is taken over by aggressive poker players.


Air in poker is defined as giving a player the leeway to know if or when you intend to pull a card or a lot of them so that the player will be induced to make a call. (more…)


During calling of betting, an all-in occurs when a player runs out of chips to play. In a hand, a poker player might not be able to dip into his purse to source for more funds during a table stakes game. (more…)


When looking to increase your expectations in a game of poker, an angle comes handy although in technical rather than ethical terms. An angle poses a false or sleazy weapon that can be used as an underhand trick to gain the upper hand during the game. (more…)


An ante is a forced but small bet which is required of every poker player that is present around the table. This bet has to be paid before a hand is dealt. Poker games that have an ante, the bets mentioned above are those that are made up of the first pot. (more…)

ante off

In a poker tournament, ante off is a move that is used to force a player who is absent to keep paying blinds, antes, bring-ins, including a host of other forced bets. (more…)


Back in

When there is a back in during a game of poker, a player must have entered a pot after checking before calling another player’s open. This is usually done on the first round of betting and is more common in poker games such as Jackpot. (more…)

Back into

When you win a pot using a hand that was supposed to have a fold for bet, there is a back into in force. As an example, two poker players who want to play draw poker agree to enter a pot. (more…)


The term backdoor is used to describe a play that results in a draw and needs additional rounds to fill up. These may be two or a higher number of rounds that may be required to complete the game. (more…)


A backraise happens in a game where there is a re-raise made by a poker player who had earlier limped in a single betting round. The player can make a statement which reflects the above in this way “In order to isolate my all-in opponent, I had to backraise using all my pocket eights. (more…)

Bad Beat

A bad beat occurs when a player who holds a hand that can be called the underdog in the game come from behind to beat a hand that is well positioned and largely favored to win. (more…)


A bankroll refers to the total amount of money that a player is able and willing to stake out into the game. It is a term used to calculate the chips wagered by a player during a game. A lot of poker players like to keep their bankrolls apart from other funds they have instead of putting everything at risk. A playing bankroll that is adequate for a specific poker game is the amount of money that is sufficient enough to withstand all expected and unforeseen swings which may arise due to variance. This is also assuming there is a positive outcome. (more…)


A player that is currently into a game but does not have the best hand or even a good one is said to be behind. It is common to hear a player telling another one “before the previous deck of cards were dealt out, you weren’t having the best hand.” (more…)


This is perhaps the most common term due to the fact that it applies to almost any type of game. A bet in poker is the money that is wagered or put down to contest with another player during the course of a game in hand. (more…)

Betting structure

This is a term that is used to describe a pattern of betting in poker. A betting structure represents an entire set of rules with regards to limits, forced bets, raise caps, and so on for a specific game of poker. (more…)

Big bet

In poker, there are different sizes of bets which are used to throw in wager amounts. From the smallest to the biggest wagered amount, all bets are valid as long as they meet the minimum required amount. (more…)

Big bet game

A big bet game is one that is played without a pot limit or any fixed limit at all. It’s betting structure is such that a player can bet with any amount of money which can be wagered or placed into the pot at the start of a poker game. (more…)

Big Blind

In a game of poker, there are big and small blinds. Both types of blinds are used to describe the players who placed those bets. The big blind is the one that represents the larger of the two blinds which is mostly used in poker games like Texas Hold’em. (more…)

Big Slick

“Big slicks make me sick, ’cause I hardly win with them” or “despite having lots of big slicks during yesterday’s games, I still could not win a single pot with any of them.” These are some of the statements that come with terms such as “big slick” in a game of poker. (more…)


Blanks in poker come across to a poker player just like the bullets we have which are used in guns but without a significant effect when shot. A blank is a card that when played, will do little to help a player by being less in value. (more…)


A blaze is considered in poker to be a hand in a non-standard game of poker which has 5 face cards that ranks above a flush. This term applies to all poker games played in land based casinos and the gaming houses online. (more…)


Like the previous definiton stated above, a blind can be used as an option to an ante in order to first of all make money in the pot. A blind is often used to do this in flop games such as Omaha and Texas Hold’em. (more…)


In poker games where communal gaming is the mode of play, the entire crop of cards at play is what poker players refer to as the board. Examples of board games are flop games like up cards in a 7-Card Stud, Omaha and Hold’em. (more…)

Brick & Mortar

In the online world, those who are used to terms used here are known to refer to the virtual world as “click and mortar” especially those who are into the e-business world where transactions are anonymous and but real. (more…)


The bubble is the point where a single poker player must get to before all the other players can win any money. A player with the bubble point may say “I did hit the bubble first before they could cash out their checks” or “I got them waiting for my play so that I could make it to the bubble. (more…)


“When a poker game is in play, moves are made to prevent any player from gaining the upper hand by having prior knowledge of the cards on the board. Therefore, burning is one measure that is taken to disallow the players from something like a ‘see-through’ of the cards to come. (more…)


The button is a white disk that is made of acrylic or plastic material and is used as the game’s dealer. Once the button goes up, it signifies that a major decision has to be made or that a move – wrong or right – has just been made. (more…)


When a player buys a pot in poker games, s/he does so in order to make their bet big enough for other players to call. By buying a large pot, what a player has in mind is that the bigger the pot gets, the less likely it for the others to call which may go against their playing advantage. (more…)


When you get into a game of poker, the amount of money that is paid to get into the tournament is called the buy-in. This amount is usually expressed as 2 numbers for example, $80 and $10 are two amounts that can a player can bet in form of chips like in a game of ring. (more…)



This poker term is used as a matching bet by a player who wants to raise the previous bet with another one. To do this during play is to induce a call. For instance, if there a player wagers an amount in chips e.g. $20 and a raise of another $20, (more…)

Call the clock

When there is a “call the clock” during a game of poker, a player does this to reduce the amount of time another player uses to make a move. Any time a game is on course, players who may not be so used to playing poker often spend many minutes while contemplating their moves to the chagrin of other players. (more…)

Calling Station

The term “calling station” is always used to refer to players who love to call too often when playing poker games. A common feature of such players is that they would call a lot but do not match the calls with raises or folds as would be expected of them. (more…)


This term is sometimes jokingly referred to as “cappucino” or “capitola” in some Vegas casinos and this describes the permissible number of raises that can take place in a game of poker. (more…)

cap game

A cap game in poker has a meaning that is similar to the term “cap” which was described above. However, a cap game is used to talk about a game of poker that has a pot limit or zero limit play. (more…)

cards speak

When a player holds a hand that carries cards which are well positioned to favor him or her in the game, it goes by the term “cards speak.” It is the best possible arrangement of a hand which bears a friendly combination that puts a player on the right to winning or losing a poker game. (more…)


A case is considered as the last card that can be found in a specific rank of card types. In some particular cases, it is the 4th card in the deck and is often used as such but depending on the rules of the game. (more…)

Case card

Simply put, a case card is a poker term used to define a player’s last piece of card that can be used in the game. The card is usually the only available one left in a rank of other cards that have already been used (more…)



In poker, there are actions that use the term “live” which will all be featured here. The main term “live” means cards which are not duplicates of a strong hand that belongs to an opponent (more…)


A poker player with a loose style of play is a person who stays in so many hands than others do. Not only does s/he stay in but remains in for longer than necessary. Probably to the point where other players start to get uncomfortable. (more…)


Made Hand

Some poker tournaments which feature draw games are quite easy for certain players because of the regular occurence of a made hand. This is the hand to which a poker player draws and is adjudged to be a hand that is very good for a winning shot. (more…)


Maniacs abound in different types of games and the same thing applies to poker. A maniac is a term reserved for a poker player who does not often play in line with the rules of the game.  (more…)


While there are no-limit, low-limit and high limit poker games where a player has a wide variety to choose from, the micro limit games which are specially designed for those who wish to bet with very low amounts only. (more…)


This is a poker term that refers to a stack of folded and burned cards that are mostly placed in front of a dealer. One example of muck is: “The hand of the 1st player hit the muck which made the dealer to rule it as folded although the player opted to have his cards back. (more…)


Negative Freeroll

A negative freeroll is used in poker to refer to a situation which mostly occurs in a pot-limit or no-limit game. (more…)


Nuts can be defined in poker games as the best hand possible which can be given to a board. If for instance, the board is K-Spade, J-Diamond, T-Spade, 4-Spade and 2-Heart, then it means both the A-Spade and X-Spade are the nuts. (more…)



Off-suits in a game of poker can be defined as a hand that does not belong to the same suit. In a game like Texas Hold’em where the starting hand has a pair of cards which belong to two different suits. (more…)


In a game of poker which has more than a single betting round, the term “out” is used for an unseen card which if drawn, will enhance the hand of a poker player to one which has a high chance of winning the tournament. (more…)


As in a race where many runners are on the tracks while the best among all of them outruns the others, so also in a game of poker where the best hand or the most experienced player outruns an opponent. (more…)


During a poker game, when bets are called one after another, it results in an overcall. In some situations where a game of poker has so many players, there are certain times that overcalls happen to be a feature of the game such as in community games. (more…)


An overcard in poker terms is a card that is higher than all other cards placed on the board. A good instance of an overcard is if a player has a hand which features an A-Q and the flop is J-3-7, (more…)


If a poker player has a hand with a pocket pair that is bigger than other cards on the flop, the player is said to have an overpair. A good example of this is a hand that has double Queen cards so that the flop becomes a Jack, (more…)



A pat is known in poker terms as a hand that is already complete and often referred to as a pat hand. This type for example is in a game like Draw Poker when a player has a flush that comes with the 1st 5 cards which a delaer serves out. (more…)

Pay Off

A pay off in poker terms means to call a bet even when the player who is to bet has a hand that shows all other players don’t have what it takes to beat. A player can confidently do this if the pot is very large and even big enough to justify a call anyhow. (more…)

Play the Board

In poker games such as Texas Hold’em, a player could showdown a hand especially when their cards can’t make a low quality hand a lot better than can be shown on the board. (more…)

Pocket Pair

A pocket pair in poker results from a game such as Texas Hold’em where a player is dealt with two hole cards belonging to the same rank. If the cards given to the player is of a starting hand and both cards have the same rank, it is said to be a pocket pair (more…)


To post in poker is to put in a blind bet, which is what is required of a player from the time they first sit down to play in a poker competition. In a cardroom game, posts are common features of many players when it comes the start of the game. (more…)

Pot Odds

This poker term refers to the amount of money that is placed into the pot when compared to the amount a player is required to first place in the same pot. All players are usually asked to make their bets which means they must put some money in the pot in order to continue playing. (more…)


Being pot-committed in a poker game simply means a state where a player is forced to call the remaining cards of their stack due to the reason that the size of the pot and the rest of the player’s chips. (more…)


The pot-limit term is a type of poker, often used in games such as Texas holdem and Omaha, where raises and bets can be made for up to the amount of money placed in the pot. (more…)


At the start of a poker game, bets are placed in the pot while the cards are dealt out to the various players. While the bets are being placed and raises add to the total amount that goes into it, the success of the poker players is often measured in addition to other criteria; (more…)


A poker player protects when s/he plays to keep their hand or a chip on the cards of their hands. This move helps to prevent the player from being fouled by another person whose hand has already been discarded. (more…)

Put On

This is a poker term that is often used to define a situation where a player uses a psychological tactic against an opponent in order to gain an upper hand during the course of the game. (more…)



The term “quads” is widely used in community card games like Texas Hold ’em or wild card games to define a hand that features four of the same kind of cards. (more…)

Qualifying Low

In Draw poker for example, a qualifying low hand is also known as a qualifier. This term is used to describe a condition that a player must meet in order to win the pot or to open the first round of betting. (more…)


The quarter term is usually applied to poker games where in order to win the quarter of a pot, a player has to tie the high or low hand of a high-low split game. (more…)


Rabbit Hunt

Rabbit hunting in poker gaming and in community card games is the act of looking to see the kind of cards that would have been played if a hand had carried on. If for example, a player in a Hold’em game folds up on a flush draw, but is seeking to know if that flush may have come in during the course of the game. (more…)


Because of the fact that poker chips are bet in large amounts and get raised all through a single tournament, it is sometimes necessary for them to be put on plastic racks that are capable of holding up to 100 chips, each in 5 stacks of 20 chips. (more…)


The “ragged” term is used when a reference is made to the community cards. It is mostly used along with the flop, where ragged means the cards do not link up together in any way possible. (more…)


Rainbow in poker is used to describe cards of varying suits. In poker competitions like flop games, a rainbow board is said to be a flop where there are no cards that belong to the same suit. (more…)


To raise during a poker game is when a   player places a bet after an opponent must have placed their own bets. The player’s bet is required to be at least equal in amount to the last bet. (more…)


The amount of of money collected from each pot bet upon by poker players is usually a token that is retained by the gaming house or casino as a small fee for hosting the game. (more…)


In poker games, the term “rank” is used to describe the values of the cards in a deck. Since an Ace card is bigger than a King, which in turn is higher than a card say, a Queen. (more…)


A Re-buy in a game of poker is a situation where a player brings in additional chips to the table. This scenario often happens when that player loses all the chips that were initially brought to the table. (more…)


To represent in poker is to place a bet or make a raise that makes it look as if a player holds a hand which an opponent may or may not have. (more…)

Ring Game

A game that is played usually at a regular poker table in contrast to a tournament is given the poker term “Ring Game.” They are the types of games that are referred to by players as live or cash games because real money is always at stake during betting time as opposed to the type used in tournaments. (more…)


A river in poker games is said to be the last community card to be played in games such as Omaha and Texas hold’em. The river is also known as the 5th Street among poker players. (more…)


Rock is a poker term that is used to refer to a player who plays tight games before the flop, and often folds a high number of hands (more…)


Runner refers to the turn and river cards used together in order to make a hand. The other meaning of a runner is an employee of a gaming house or casino whose job is to run the betting chips between players, the dealers and the cashiers. (more…)



In a poker tournament where awards are given as a seat for entry into a bigger poker game is popularly known among players as Satellite. (more…)

Scare Card

A scare card is a card that lands on the river or turn and is able to complete a hand for an opponent, even when a player has been having the best hand till that time. Some of the common scare cards are the types that place 3 cards to a flush or 3 cards to a top straight on a board. (more…)

Second Pair

When a poker player has to pair the 2nd highest card on the board using one of their hole cards, is what is meant by a second pair. This term is also called the middle pair when used to describe the pairing of the middle ranked card on a flop. (more…)


A semi-bluff is almost the same as a bluff but what makes the difference is that a semi-bluffing poker player has some favorable odds of winning a pot with the quality of the hand at present. (more…)


In poker games, a set is known as three cards of the same type, where two of the three cards are of the same hand. A set is usually more common where there are 2 cards each belonging to the same rank on the board. (more…)

Short Stack

To have a short stack in a game of poker is to have the smallest, or among the smallest stacks of chips on the table. Short stacks are mostly used in a poker tournament to refer to any player who is in danger of getting eliminated by a rising blind. (more…)


The showdown in poker games often comes at the end of a hand when the rest of the players turn out their hole cards in order to find out who will be the winner. (more…)

Side Pot

A side pot is what is created for a poker player who has little or no interest in the game or to win a pot because s/he has a small amount of chips left. To use an example for this: (more…)

Slow Play

To play slow or a “slow play” is a check or call on a player with a very strong hand; all in an attempt to fool their opponents into assuming the person has a bad hand. This slow play move is meant to push them into investing more money in the pot by way of more bets or raises and re-raises. (more…)

Small Blind

The smaller blind of two or higher forced bets placed in a flop game before the cards are dealt out is known as the small blind. A lot of flop and draw poker games make use of small blinds in place of antes where there is need to seed the pot. (more…)

Smooth Call

For a poker player to make a call with a good hand even when there are more players remaining that could act is said to be a smooth call. There are some players who are habitual smooth callers with more calls and less raises. (more…)


While there are aggressive and less patient players in the gaming world of poker, there are also those who would prefer to be on the lighter side of the game with more helpful and beneficial gestures given to their opponents during the course of a game. (more…)

Split Pot

A split pot in poker gaming is one which is shared out by 2 or more players. In high or low ball games, a pot can only be split if two or a higher number of poker players make similar hands. (more…)


This is a type of poker game that has an known upper and lower bet limit i.e. a minimum and maximum amount with which to bet. Therefore, the spread limit is a term used in poker circles to let all players know that they can bet an amount that falls within the two limits. (more…)

Stacks/Stacked Deck

First, the term “stack” depending on how it is being used, is either one-fifth of a rack, or the total amount of chips that is in front of a poker player. It is actually the entire amount of chips which a player has on a table that is called the “stack.” (more…)

Steel Wheel

When a steel wheel is talked about in a game of poker, it is often used as a term that means a hand that features 5 high straight flush in a given suit. (more…)


A straddle is a poker term which describes an extra blind bet that remains optional to a player and can be made by placing the bet one step to the left of a big blind. (more…)


A straight is a complete poker hand that has 5 ranked cards consecutively following each other; for example: a hand of 1-2-3-4-5. The straight must be a hand of at least 2 different suits once they are five consecutively ranked cards which belong to the same suit. (more…)

String Bet

A string bet is more of a raise made by a player who does not have all the chips needed to make the raise. If the player makes a verbal raise, s/he may not be forced to call or withdraw the raise otherwise, the reverse is usually the case in most poker games where a player has insufficient chips for a raise. (more…)


The term “structure” in a game of poker is the set of rules that apply to bets and raises. In a game such as limit poker, the amount in bets are well known and is called a “structured betting.” (more…)


A suited hand in poker games like Texas Hold’em is a hand that has the same type of suits. These are the hole cards which belong to the same suit without taking the card’s number into account. (more…)


Table Stakes

Among the house rules in a game of poker are table stakes which means a player can only play a single hand using the amount that is on the gaming table. In other words, a player can’t afford stake out some money and place it on a hand. (more…)


This term is one that describes a behavior which gives other poker players a lot of information about a player’s hand than they normally would have access to during a game. (more…)


Tight is the term that describes a player who is not known to be a person that plays a lot of hands during the course of a game. By choosing to play lesser hands, a tight poker player may have some motives in mind. (more…)


Tilting in a poker game is taken to be a bad decision that a frustrated player makes when the game isn’t going their way. It is no secret that playing poker can be highly annoying especially when the game is not going one’s way so it sometimes gets very difficult for a player to keep emotions down at all times. (more…)


Time is a term that talks about a brief interlude during a poker game where the player first thinks about the current hand before making a decision to act on it. (more…)


This term is used to describe the amount of money that is required to make an entry into a pot. To-go basically means letting a player know the cost of entering a pot. For instance, in a $10-$20 game, it costs $10 “to-go” into a smaller round of betting assuming there is no raise. (more…)


This term is used to refer to the tip that is given to a dealer when a player wins a pot. A tip is a common practice in many poker rooms and gaming houses where winners who out of excitement wants to share a win with the dealer, gives him a token amount of money from the total pot won. (more…)

Top and Bottom

In poker games, there are high and low cards as well as top and bottom. These terms are often used to differentiate between the two extremes that matter with regard to certain rules of the game. (more…)

Top Pair

The top pair is played as the pair that has the highest card on a flop. The term is used more often during Texas Hold’em poker games where a player is dealt a hand that features an Ace and Queen and the flop comes as Queen, Six and Three. (more…)

Top Set

A set is defined as three cards of a kind but in poker games, a top set also exists as a broader version of a regular set. To make a top set in a game of poker is to form a set, which is three of a kind with a pair in the hand of a poker player. (more…)

Top Two

A top two is a term that is used to describe a situation that occurs in a poker game when a player has a hand that features a two pair. This can be done by simply matching the two hole cards in that hand with the two highest cards that are on the board. (more…)


Three cards of the same kind are what poker players call trips; when there are 2 cards that belong to the same rank on a board and there is a 3rd one in the player’s hand. When there 2 cards in a player’s hand and one still remains on the board, it is referred to as a set. (more…)


The turn is mostly used as the 4th card of 5 community cards in a flop game. When a player is in a game like Texas Hold’em or Omaha, some of the players may use the cards in their hands along with community cards to make a combination of their best five cards. (more…)


Under the Gun

The player who is under the gun is said to be the 1st player to act on a round of betting. In poker, a player’s position is a very important factor that is also used to decide the pattern of play. (more…)


An underdog is a player with a hand that is not favored to win the pot in a poker game. During a poker competition, a player with a very good hand is generally the person that is given the higher odds of winning the pot at the end of the game. (more…)


A poker player is said to be “up” when the hand they have is revealed, faced up or exposed. In this case, a player may be having a hand that features a group of cards, say 2 Queens, 2 Eights and a Five. (more…)

Up The Ante

To up the ante during play in a game of poker means to increase the stake or the amount of bet. Also commonly used outside the context of poker. As the game begins, a player is required to be the first in the game to take the ante challenge or make a bet. (more…)


The upcard of a poker game is an open or exposed card which comes after cards are dealt out to the players and the game gets underway. It is a little different from showdown where cards are forced to be turned up after the game is through so that a winner can be determined. (more…)



There are some valid reasons as to why a poker player makes a bet or raise. It may be to get the other players to fold, or re-arrange the size of the pot, to impress a watcher on the stands, etc. (more…)


Variance is used in poker terms to refer to the up and down swings that a player experiences in bankroll which is often caused by the brief success that goes with winning and losing the game on a continuous basis. (more…)


Wake Up

In poker games, a player is said to “wake up” with a hand when the person has a strong starting hand. This happens more often where there has already been some gaming action taking place in front of the player. (more…)


The poker term “walk” is often used to mean a player gets away from the poker table for a long time enough to miss a hand or more from play. Such players who do this very frequently are mostly called “walkers.” (more…)


To wash in a poker tournament means to mix the deck by making sure that the dealer spreads the cards in a face-down mode on the table. The dealer is able to do this by mixing them up with each other before they are dealt out to the players. (more…)

Weak Ace

When playing online poker, a player is very often dealt a hand which includes an Ace card and another one that is less than 10. Hands like this often contain a weak Ace mainly because the kicker is not always a strong one. (more…)


The term “wheel” is simply an optional name for another poker term known as “bicycle.” For example, in a straight hand that features cards from Ace to Five, a bicycle or wheel is the best description to give to such a hand. (more…)


Whipsaw actions in a game of poker occurs when a player acts on the positions of 2 players who continue to raise and re-raise each other. Meanwhile, one of the players has to keep calling bets in order to remain in the pot. (more…)

Whiskey Poker

A whiskey poker game is an informal competition that is often played in home games when waiting for the main poker game to begin. Each player gets five cards faced down and five cards which are also called “the widow.” (more…)

Wild Card

A card that is dealt out by the dealer before the deal which, if served to a player, can be turned into a card of any given suit that a player wants. For instance if a dealer calls saying cards of Two are wild in a game, it means any of the players that has a Two card can turn it into a card of any suit s/he chooses. (more…)

Window Card

A window card is a term often used in poker games to describe an upcard especially in game types like Seven Card Stud. The first window card in a Seven Stud game is often referred to as the “door card.” (more…)


The poker term “winner” makes reference to the winner blind, and mostly followed by a number that is assigned the size of the blind. The difference in the blinds is most times used in draw games, but this is also common in no-limit poker games such as Texas Hold’em. (more…)


In poker games like Texas Hold’em and Omaha, a wrap is said to mean an open ended straight draw which comprises of 2 board cards and 3 or 4 cards from a the hand of a player. (more…)